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COPPOLA FULL KERATIN - Hair Treatment - from $250 includes FREE HAIRCUT (3-5 hours)


                                HAIR SMOOTHING TREATMENT

                                          Ranked No1 in HAIR RELAXERS





Lasts 5 to 6 MONTHS    $250 and up    Includes FREE HAIRCUT, SHAMPOO, FLAT IRON and STYLE .


Unbelievable Difference! Smooth, Straight, Lusciously Healthy Hair can finally be yours. Formaldehyde Free, OSHA approved Hair Treatment.


This New Natural Smoothing System is not a Chemical Straightener, it does not break your Hairs Natural Disulfide Bonds, instead it infuses each Hair with Natural Keratin Protein, the same Protein Your Hair is made of, for the most Manageable, Healthy, Silky and Smooth Hair that you can imagine!


YES, it makes that much difference!


Keratin Does Not Harm Colored or other Treated Hair, makes any Hair Healthier and Easier to Style, Shape and Manage.


Applied by PRODUCT TRAINED and CERTIFIED STYLISTS only. COPPOLA Keratin Smoothing System from $250 includes Free Haircut.


Consult your Stylist for exact price and details (depends on Hair Type, Condition  and Length) Lasts 5 to 6 MONTHS depending on proper maintenance. Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner highly recommended or Sulfate Free products.






                       SILKY and STRAIGHT





                        SOFT and SMOOTH






     Get a FREE HAIRCUT with  COPPOLA KERATIN Treatment

        MILA SAYS:       KERATIN HAIR TREATMENTS really work!  I Personally use them and Recommend them Highly. Great for Hair Extensions Too!  All our Services are GUARANTEED. For more Information click below:



KERATIN REVIEWS:             




My hair has always been kinky and course and curly. I can't believe the difference after having a Keratin hair treatment. My hair is now silky and smooth and so manageable. $119 included haircut and style. Thankyou


Savannah Williams

in the last week
I decided to give Mila"s Haircuts a try after reading so many good reviews. I was very happy with my visit.The atmosphere was very warm and calm. The workers helpful and not pushy. I was impressed with my hair stylist Marina who did a great job with my hair. I wanted my hair brighter for a more summery look but was afraid of getting highlights since I find some people look like striped zebras after highlights. Fortunately she put in highlights that were natural and blended which made me feel very relieved. The Brazilian Blowout also caught my attention even though I had no intention of getting it done when I first came in. Marina advised it for my dry, dull brittle ends and I have to say it was an amazing improvement. All the while she was doing my hair, she was kind enough to explain the best way to take care of my hair, what products will suite my hair and how I can keep the salon finished look even at home. I absolutely love the shampoo I purchased it gives my hair a smooth healthy glow. I also got a free hair cute fixing the uneven ends I had from a former hair cut which I didn't mind at all. The results where well worth the money and I will definitely be a regular at Mila's hair salon.




5.0 star rating

Relaxing "ethnic" hair can be a tricky business, due to various textures. Finding a stylist who has honed her professional skills to handle all hair types is one gem of a find! Teia is just that stylist! Having relocated from New York City to Tucson, one of my chief concerns, was finding a stylist who would not over relax my long gray hair. Teia listened attentively to my instructions in handling my hair, after which she took her time & examined my locks. Her response was, "I got this!" Another plus, was that I was allowed to use selected hair products of choice, that work best on my hair.
I highly recommend Teia for getting a relaxer/touch-up and wash & set services. Mila's Hair Salon on East River Rd, is a lovely relaxing place to be. The stylists are warm & friendly, and best of all, truly take pride as professionals in the hair industry.


User Review - suzi N
I Love the Keratin Hair Treatment
It did just what they said! My hair has never looked or felt better than now. The haircut and style was also great! I recommend Cortney


5 of 5 stars
May 20, 2011
by Guest53209

Always Great Service from Professional Hairdressers. Great prices. What's to want?





Go check them out!

Go check them out! I get my haircut and keratin done there. My hair always comes out looking great:) I recently tried eyelashes because I saw a couple of customers eyelashes and let me tell you!!!! I was blown away with the results;) Great customer service and affordable.                                  



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