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I found Milas from a customer I had helped.I had admired her long eyelashes and asked where she got them done at. She was kind to give me a card and some info. I just loved the way they looked I called to set up an appointment with Mia. I guess there is two locations I went to the one on River and Craycroft. It is really nice and clean they offered me a drink while I waited for Mia. Mia was really sweet lady explained all the options I had since it was my first time getting eyelashes extensions. Im glad I got them done because it has made such a huge difference!!! no more mascara and the time putting it on! It is money well spent. I love my lashes and she clearly know what she is doing!!!!



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Since leaving Phoenix, I was looking for a salon that did lash extensions (as good as what I had--or better...I am VERY picky about my lash extensions, and I have had them for approximately three years), and I was beginning to doubt that I would be able to find something comparable.  I was beginning to wonder if I might have to commute to Phoenix every three weeks for my one vice...lash extensions.  I stumbled upon Mila's on Yelp, and decided to try (sigh) one...last...time...and hit it outta the park!  
Mila is absolutely wonderful!  My lashes are thick and full once again--and she applied mink extensions (without my asking, and they are the same price as silk) that are beautiful.  She was very receptive to my requests (long lashes--but they HAVE to look real), very gentle, and very fast (in fact, during my first fill, I wondered if my extensions would last as long as she said).  Don't get me wrong, I will ALWAYS hold a special place in my extension-loving heart for my former lash extension-ista, but Mila is every bit as good.  I have had two fills here, and both times, I leave with beautiful, soft, realistic looking lashes (sorry, no go-go lashes here!).  
I have had no pain, tenderness or problems with the extensions as my lashes grow out, and, dare I say, I think they last longer than my "Phoenix" extensions did.  As if that weren't enough, I went to the wrong location and was late to my second appointment, and Mila was still able to accommodate me.  On my first appointment, after she removed and corrected the mistakes from my last extension application, she only charged me for a fill, and we both knew she should have charged me for a full set.  
If you are looking for beautiful lash extensions, look no further than Mila's!!     :)



21 February 2014  PERFECT EYELASHES

I can't say enough positive things about Mila's Eyelashes.  She is such a perfectionist, a real stylist!  At seventy - one, I'm not quite DROP - DEAD - GORGEOUS, but with Mila's help, I'm getting closer!   Paula Healey


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Let me start out by saying this is the first time I have ever taken the time to review a business/ With that said, I am in my late 30's (one year from 40 truth be told) I wanted to change up my look but didn't want to spend alot of money. I went to Mila for lash extenxions, I couldn't be more pleased,the salon was clean and inviting, the staff was courteous and I got an appt on the day and at the time I needed. Mila made me feel so comfortable she was warm and accomodating (pretty cool since she owns the joint). The results nothing short of AMAZING. Her lash extensions are TOP NOTCH , at a working class price ... THANK U ... THANK U ... THANK U Mila for exceeding my expectations.

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Took my daughter for a haircut and was very pleased with the service. I was greeted right away and the girls that worked there were very nice. I now get my eyelash extensions there!! I love them!


5.0 star rating

I was very happy with my services. I had my eyelashes done & they look awesome!  They were just what I had envisioned, long, not too thick and khardasian-esque.  No pain, no clumps, pretty good timing too, it didn't take forever.  
I felt like an old friend, everyone said hello & smiled at me when I hobbled in.  And not to mention were very accommodating. I had just sprained my ankle and they offered to get me ice and helped me elevate it. 
My boyfriend had his hair cut and is very anal about the way he likes it. They cut it just to his specifications.  They were very busy the day we went in and were very gracious to squeeze him in.  I can't stand it when I feel rushed, but we weren't, it was all around very pleasant.
Oh and free wifi too which is awesome, helps pass the time



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FIVE -STARS hands down!!! Milas is amazing at what she does and when you meet her you'll understand why. She is so beautiful and sweet, She knows how to make things look beautiful and perfect. I have been getting my lashes done there for two years now and not once have she failed to exceed my expectations, She has gotten very busy over the years probably becuase of all the people I have sent over there. Till this day women ask where I go to get my lashes done. I have sent friends, family and co-workers to Mila. Like I said she is very busy woman so sometimes its harder to see her right away. Mila will come early for me If I need them done right away , that shows how hard of a worker this woman is!!! My husband and I also get our haircuts there too and the service is great. Both salons are clean and great customer service



Noelle says:July 35

Love Love this place. Mila does the BEST lashes. I usually do my lashes in Chicago but since I'm here for 6 weeks needed a fill. Mila is better than my Chicago lady. . 
I have had so many compliments on my lashes, I have 2 friends already going there!
I also got my hair done with Teia, UNBELiEVEABLLE!!!



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Overall 3 / 3
I have been going to Mila for eyelash extensions for almost a year now! She does an absolutely amazing job and I am fully satisfied every time I go. I have been to many places around town and I have not been happy. Mila takes the time to do the job right, and she makes sure you are comfortable and always happy with the outcome! She does all different kinds of lashes with different lengths and the number of lashes used. Mila goes the extra mile to do my lashes outside of my very crazy work schedule. She does early appointments and she really takes her time! I cannot say enough good things about her work and I would absolutely recommend her!
A Google User reviewed a month ago
Overall 3 / 3
Mila's Salon is by far one of the best in Tucson. I consistently get my eyelashes filled there after originally getting them done at another salon in Tucson. When I went to Mila's for the first time, I will be honest in saying I was judgmental of the establishment as it does not have the glitz and glamour that other salons have. My judgment was quickly changed when I was kindly greeted by Mila. I soon came to realize that there is a reason they do not have the glitz and glamour; that reason being they don't waste money on image, they put it towards product, quality, and training. I went in for an eyelash fill and Mila had to completely re-do my eyelashes because they were so poorly done the first time at another salon. Not only did she re-do them, but she took her time (2 1/2+ hours) and did not charge me more than the $65 fee for a regular fill. She should have charged me full price for a new set, but clearly she values her customer's satisfaction. If you are looking to go to a place for a quick fill or a quick new set of eyelashes, Mila's is not the place, because Mila's takes her time with each individual client to make sure the result is nothing short of perfect. I work odd hours as a sales rep, and I called to schedule an eyelash fill. I asked if she had anything in the evening, and she said I could come in at 9pm even though they close at 8 pm. She was MORE than willing to stay late for me even though her salon is probably the only salon open as late as it is. There was a client before me who she also stayed late for. That is TRUE customer service and generosity. I would recommend Mila's to absolutely everyone! Do not judge a book buy it's cover when you walk in and have full confidence that you will be taken care of and completely satisfied. I have yet to hear of anyone who does eyelashes as well as Mila, or a salon that truly focuses on quality and not the image of the salon.

Rashin Gholamrezaee commented on Hair Salon Of Tucson's photo.
Rashin wrote: "i am your costumer.wow i put eyelash extension,it was great,I was gatabout costumer before,but i never go back there,she did a great job,I forgot her name :(,thanks mila,say hi to her"


I went to Mila's for eyelash extensions after shopping around Tucson online. I called a couple of other salons and none of them could beat Mila's prices. I decided to give her a shot. I couldn't be more pleased with my new eyelashes. Mila is very professional and did an impeccable job. Everyone I know has been asking me what kind of mascara i'm wearing and they are surprised when I tell them I got extensions. They look dramatic, but still look like my own lashes. Thanks Mila!


5.0 star rating

Recently I visited my family in Tucson, I was invited for the wedding. My friends recommended do my haircut and eyelash extensions in their favorite beauty salon, Mila's Salon. I was impressed by the atmosphere. Everyone in the salon is so welcoming, talkative, and friendly. And besides, they are excellent professionals. My hair cut was probably the best hair cut I've ever had. She made my hair exactly like I wanted. Especially I want to commend the work of a specialist for eyelash extension. I had this application at few salons before, and it cost me more than $300. So, I was happy with my result in the Mila's Salon with an excelent job and reasonable price. My eyelashes were just gorgeous! I received many compliments after this place. Especially my appreciations to Oliya and Marina.



By far the Best Solon iv'e been to. The vibe was so good... The conversation is sincere. Mila actually came in on her day off to service me on for my birthday. She welcomed me kindly and did her job with a smile. i had multiple services done and it was delightful affordable. I felt so good at my Birthday Celebration with my new hair cut, style and lash extensions... which are still in tact and beautiful!! you guys are great, thank you for your hospitality.


7-12-2012 Jana H.

I'm definitely a fan. I've had my hair done there, and most recently lash extensions. They were really personable - and went out of my way to make sure I was pleased. Even encouraged me to come back free of charge if i was unhappy.
   I can't imagine a negative experience here. I was treated great - and very happy with my services.


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Quality Excellent

I've been going to Mila's for eyelash extentions and I'm very pleased with the professionalism I receive from the stylist especially Teia. I would definiely recommend going there. She does a fantastic job and always encourages me to stop by or call with any concerns or problems....never had any yet !!! Thanks Teia for the excellent care you take with me.


Quality 3 / 3
Went in for eyelash extensions & I came out looking FAB!! Lol, they did them just the way I like, I'm very very happy!!
July 23, 2012

Great place!! Got my eyelashes done & they came out perfect & amazing!! I normally just get my highlights here (which are always done to my liking), but tried lashes & I love them!!!!!!!!!!


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Quality Excellent
My best friend got eyelash extensions there and I loved the way they came out!! I just had to get my done also, The staff was friendly and I just was so happy with my new lashes. I liked the service so much I made an appointment for a keratin treatment and haircut. Well just like my lashes, I LOVED IT TOO!! Go check them out:)
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October 27, 2012

Mila's salon is the place to go for a quality service when you need great look for your hair or your eyelashes! i will recommend Mila's Hair Salon to anyone!


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October 13, 2012

LOVE Mila's...both of them. Always do a great job, and I've never had a problem. :) Great prices, great service. Thank you.


Posted on 11/02/12
I have been going to Mila s Hair for about a year now and let me tell you!! I absolutely recommend them. I have been getting my haircut from Mila herself and its always perfect.The girls there are always very nice and cheerful. Im a pretty picky person and Ive been to a lot of so called high end salons but never have I been impressed until now with Mila s. After being a client for about a year now, I had noticed Mila s huge clientele for eyelash extensions. So I gave them a try recently and Wow!!! FAB-EYELASHES!!!!! Im so hooked like a eyelash junkie waiting to get her next fix from Mila s. Ladies go check them out for yourself you will not be disappointed.


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Lash queen
I was having my hair and nails done at gadabout and I asked my stylist about eyelash extensions. She whispered just go to Milas. I was surprised that I would get a recommendation for another salon a gadabout, but my stylist said that is where several other stylists go. I made an appointment for my refills and have been going since. They were right. Milan is definitely the best i have tried. Highly recommend Milas for lashes. 

Review of Milas Hair Cuts and Hair Salon in Tucson, AZ submitted in December 2012


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Quality Excellent
Got eyelash extensions! They look great. Thank you guys :)
  • Rachel
    Posted on 12/24/12
    I recently went to Mila’s to prepare for my 10 year reunion, I got eyelash extensions. Several people commented on them and I am very happy. I have been getting my hair highlighted and cut at Mila’s Salon since they opened. It is always a friendly environment. Thank you Mila’s! =D

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