Hair Extension Maintenance:


  • Always use a hair extension brush. This special brush is made specifically for hair extensions and when used properly will not pull or catch on the extensions.

  • Use a high quality, sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Condition only below the bonds. Do not do a deep condition.

  • Do not go to bed with your hair wet. Instead place your hair in a loose ponytail after it has dried.

  • Brush your hair once a day. Hold the roots of your hair with one hand while brushing in a downware motion with the other.

  • Stay away from salty and chlorinated water as this will eat away the bonds that are holding in the hair extensions.

  • Some slippage is common. If you are losing more than 10% of your extensions return to the salon and troubleshoot with your stylist. 

  • Remember, hair extensions require maintenance. The better you take care of your hair, the longer it will last.


    • Hair and Extension Treatments


      BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT for Split Ends - $49

      KERATIN EXPRESS BLOWOUT - $119  for straight hair only

      Consult Your Stylist for the Treatment Best for Your Extensions


    WIG and HAIR EXTENSIONS CUT -- $45 and up

Curly and Wavy Hair Maintenance:

Showering. Try to shampoo only once or twice a week, and in between shampoos, use a heavy-duty, moisturizing conditioner. It’s best to comb through and work out any tangles in the shower, since brushing dry curls can create a frizzy mess! Combing with the conditioner in helps easily remove tangles and ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair. After you shower, using a styling cream really helps lock in the moisture. You can also use a deep conditioner when you need to step up your moisture game just a bit.

Silicones. Using products with silicones can cause build up and weigh down your hair. If you need to use them, make sure the silicones in your product are water soluble, since those cause much less build up.

Sulfates. Sulfates can dry hair out, so using them can negate all the hard work you’re doing trying to keep your hair moisturized. Not to mention, sulfates can affect your bonds (especially keratin ones), causing them to slip prematurely. Basically, don’t even think about it! They’re just bad news all around.

Styling. You don’t always have time to let your hair air dry after a shower, but you’re worried that the hair dryer will dry out your curls too fast or blow them into a crazy mess. The easy solution? Just use a diffuser! If you use a medium heat setting, you won’t over dry your curls, and the diffuser reduces the air velocity of the dryer so it won’t affect their shape.

If you find a few strands are losing their curl or wave, feel free to use a curling iron for a quick fix. As always, make sure you use a heat protectant before using hair dryers or curling irons. Just don’t straighten the hair! The curls and waves in our extensions will relax over time, but using a straightener will really speed up this process, giving you a lot less wear time—and that’s no good!

To battle humidity, use a serum before you head out the door. No need to let the weather determine your style!

Sleep. The friction between your hair and your pillow can cause extra frizz that you certainly don’t need. Sleeping with a satin pillow or headscarf is a simply solution to this problem. Also, as with all types of extensions, sleeping in a braid keeps hair from matting and tangling, and it works double duty for wavy and curly extensions—it helps them keep their shape longer!


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