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HAIR EXTENSION Questions - Answered



FROM MILAS BLOG -- there are many forms of Hair Extensions, weaves, sew in, metal or plastic crimps, Cold Fusion, Tape In and Hot Fusion and there are two main types of Hot Fusion. one uses  premade strands of hair tipped with a glue tab, this is then affixed to your hair with a heat gun. the other type of hot fusion utilizes a hot pot of liquefied keratin ( keratin is the protein your hair is made of) the hair extensionist then makes up a small bundle of extension hair, dips it in the keratin and attaches it to your own hair strands. both these methods produce very good resuts (assuming the extensionist is competent) the difference is in the cost of the hair. the premade strands tipped with glue are more expensive than the same quality hair, Non Glue Tipped.


Hot fusion when done correctly leaves much less noticeable bonds than  metal or plastic crimps,  although they all hold well.

Micro Links and Micro Cylnders also Hold Well and are Long lasting. This Type of Hair Extensions use metal or Plastic Crimps or Tubes. They are much easier to Re Adjust or Remove.

Tape in Extensions Look Good and Cost Less, but require more frequent Re dos, but they are easier to Install, Adjust or Remove.

Sew in Wefts or Weaves are Very Temporary in comparison. to the other methods and mostly use Cheap or Synthetic Hair. I Do Not Recommend.

Crown Extensions are Excellent for covering Thin Areas on The Top of The Head.

Considering the amount of labor, to do good looking hair extensions, it is recommended to use high quality 100% Human Virgin, Remy hair.

Cheap Synthetic Hair, looks like what it is. Many Brands labeled Human Hair, are a mixture of Human and Yak Hair, or other Animal Hair. You can see or feel the difference, this type of hair doesn't last as long either.

There are many varieties of Human Hair. Asian, Indian, Latino and European are usually all good.  European is best for the Lighter Colors and Blonde, as it needs less Processing.


100% Human, Virgin, Remy Hair is the Best and is hair from the Same Source with all the Strands going in the Same Direction. Good quality 100% Virgin, Remy Human hair is what you should choose when using Hot fusion, Tape In, or Micro Links. call Mila at 520-327-0184 or 299-1830 for a Free Consultation.


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