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Beard and Mustache - $6 and up (10-15 min)


                       BEARD and MUSTACHE

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BEARD and /or MUSTACHE TRIM - $6 and up

BEARD and/or MUSTACHE COLOR - upon Consultation

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Jun 29, 2012
by Dmitriy

All I have to say is wow!!! I am so incredibly pleased with the way my beard was trimmed. I have gone to several different hair salons, but with no luck finding an individual who would trim my beard the way I wanted, or even close for that matter. I was so impressed with the way Mila had cut my girlfriends hair (the color is beautiful) plus while I was waiting Mila offered me coffee and tea and the salon had free WiFi. After that I made the appointment two days later for me. It has been about two weeks now and everyday I wake up I look forward to showing off my beard. Mila took her time to help me feel comfortable (I am extremely picky) and I cannot thank her ENOUGH for her fabulous sense of style, WHAT A TALENT!!! I found my permanent hairdresser, and I am so excited and relieved! Thank you Mila, keep up the great work!!!! 


5 of 5 stars
May 20, 2011
by Guest53209

Always Great Service from Professional Hairdressers. Great prices. What's to want?