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photo of Mila, Owner Stylist Mila
Milas Haircuts and Salon
5655 East River Rd.
Tucson, AZ, 85750 USA

License Date: 1999

Started at Milas Haircuts and Salon: 2008

Mila is the Owner of our Salons and is a Master Stylist with over 30 years of Hairdresser Experience. She specializes in Haircutting, Hair Styles and Hair Extensions. MIla received her initial Training and Apprenticeship in Europe and continues to enhance her skills with Specialized Education in the US. Mila immigrated to the US in 1999 from the Ukraine.  While in the US, Mila has worked as Stylist and Manager for several Beauty Salons in Arizona and attended many Special Schools and Advanced Classes. In 2008 Mila Founded her own Salon Business. Mila came to the US seeking a Better Life and "The American Dream". Mila Loves being an American Citizen. She speaks English, Russian and Ukraine. Mila is available for appointments.


5655 East River Rd. | Suite 123
Tucson, AZ 85750
Northeast Corner of River and Craycroft