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  • Mila , Owner StylistMila - Owner Stylist

    Mila is the Owner of our Salons and is a Master Stylist with over 30 years of Hairdresser... (read more)

  • Rocio , Stylist  ColoristRocio - Stylist Colorist

    Rocio has worked at Milas Haircuts and Salon since 2011, with over 20 years of Experience she is a... (read more)

  • Joanna , Salon CoordinatorJoanna - Salon Coordinator

    Joanna is our Salon Coordinator at our Salon. She has been involved in the Beauty and Cosmetics... (read more)

  • Sara , Stylist  ColoristSara - Stylist Colorist

    Sara is a Stylist/Colorist at our Salons. Sara has 6 years Salon Experience doing Haircuts and... (read more)

  • Alison , HaircutterAlison - Haircutter

    Alison is new to Tucson, but she has been Cutting Hair for 20 plus years. She specializes in Mens,... (read more)

  • Jason , Stylist  ColoristJason - Stylist Colorist

    Jason has over 10 plus years experience as a Stylist and Colorist. 

  • Stephen , Stylist  ColoristStephen - Stylist Colorist

    Stephen brings over 20 years of Stylist and Colorist Experience to our Salons.  Stephen is... (read more)

  • Svetlana , Esthetician / Eyelash SpecialistSvetlana - Esthetician / Eyelash Specialist

    Svetlana is an Eyelaash Technician and Esthetician at our Salons ... (read more)

  • Karol , Stylist  ColoristKarol - Stylist Colorist

    Karol is a Stylist Colorist at our salon.  Licensed as a Cosmetologist in Arizona for 9 years,... (read more)

  • Laura , Stylist  ColoristLaura - Stylist Colorist

    Laura has 25 years experience as a Master Stylist Colorist. She was instrumental in Managing and... (read more)

  • Sylvia , Stylist  ColoristSylvia - Stylist Colorist

    Slyvia is a 20 year Veteran Stylist Colorist. She was one of the Original Stylists helping Mila... (read more)

  • Hallie , Stylist  ColoristHallie - Stylist Colorist

    Hailee is an 8 year Veteran Stylist Colorist at our salon. She specializes in Haircuts, Fades and... (read more)

  • Stephanie , Stylist  ColoristStephanie - Stylist Colorist

    Stephanie is a Stylist Colorist at our salon.  She has 20 plus years as a Hairdresser.... (read more)

  • Sheila , Stylist  ColoristSheila - Stylist Colorist

    Sheila is a a 23 year Veteran Stylist and Hair Colorist at our Salon. She Specializes in Custom... (read more)

  • Becky , Stylist  ColoristBecky - Stylist Colorist

    Becky is a Stylist Colorist at our salon with 22 years experience Cutting and Styling Hair, she... (read more)

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